BigQuery by Google

Google BigQuery is a massively parallel-processing cloud data warehouse. Its query engine is powered by Dremel and its file system is powered by Colossus. Within BigQuery, data is stored in a columnar format. 

Some features that make BigQuery unique:

  • BigQuery is truly serverless, it is a data warehouse as a service, with no management involved at all.
  • BigQuery supports developing and deploying machine learning models via BigQuery ML. 
  • BigQuery supports streaming ingestion without any middleware.
  • BigQuery supports GIS for geospatial analysis & location intelligence.
  • BigQuery has an in-memory BI service that natively connects to Google Data Studio and Google Spreadsheets.
  • BigQuery Omni supports analyzing data across clouds without leaving the interface

Furthermore, BigQuery embodies a data warehouse and data lake convergence ("data lakehouse") as all data is available through the storage API.


Company Google
Category Database
Subcategory Data Warehouse
Availability None
Earning Model DBaaS
Ownership None
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