Actian Zen by Actian

Actian Zen is an embeddable multi-model (No)SQL Database with support for a wide variety of programming languages. Actian Zen comes in multiple flavors:

  • Actian Zen Core: an embeddable database for mobile development and IoT. Embeds in apps as packaged libraries.
  • Actian Zen Edge: Embeddable in edge devices with support for hundreds of concurrent users.
  • Actian Zen Enterprise: Can be embedded with complex enterprise apps such as an ERP, support for thousands of users.
  • Actian Zen Cloud Server: Cloud-ready version of Actian Zen that runs in virtual machines and containers.

Actian DataExchange can support in synchronizing Zen with PSQL databases and AuditMaster generates logs of all database events.


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Subcategory Embeddable Database
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