1010data by 1010data, Inc.

1010data is an end-to-end self-service analytics platform. It provides the means to integrate data from a variety of data sources in a single columnar (time series) data store. Because of its massively parallel processing technology, 1010data can deliver ad-hoc insights at the right time.

The analytical features of 1010data are extensive and range from descriptive to predictive and prescriptive analysis. Statistical tests, time series modeling and machine learning are all supported. If that doesn't suffice your needs, there are custom connectors to specific tools such as R, Tableau an PowerBI.

1010data is an enterprise-level platform that offers technical and non-technical profiles the right tools to prepare, report and visualize data. Finally, 1010data's QuickApps support all users in developing and deploying data-driven applications that can be used during the decision-making process.


Company 1010data, Inc.
Website https://www.1010data.com/
Category Analytics
Subcategory Self-Service Analytics
Availability Proprietary
Earning Model SaaS
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